Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Coffee Cake Muffins

I know this is a little late to the pumpkin party. But it’s okay. Because you love pumpkin.
Just like I love coffee cake. Oh, yeah.

I love anything with streusel topping and cinnamon. Streusel makes everything better. 

These lovely muffins are going to be great for all those Black Friday midnight shoppers! Pumpkin is high in fiber, potassium rich, and an excellent source of vitamins. So these little babies will get you moving and keep you going! 

And now on to the recipe!

I kinda blog-stalk a lot of people. It’s a sort of addiction. I get an idea for a new cake and Google. I also tend to base my clicking on Google Images. (You eat with your eyes first!) I got this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Sally has been part of the food blog scene for a while. I’m sure if you have ever tried to research a new recipe, you have come across her gorgeous photos and recipes.

I modified her recipe a bit based on what I had available. I used light brown sugar and substituted molasses for the maple syrup. (It’s way too expensive to buy real maple around here.) I also ignored the glaze on the recipe and made my own.

I always have frosting in my freezer. I have yet to master the correct yield for a batch of cupcakes and frosting. I keep adding to my stash because they make great quick fillings for macarons. I pulled out about a cup of cream cheese frosting, added a bit of half and half to thin it and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

These are actually egg-less and super easy to translate into a vegan muffin by using dairy free milk and margarine in the streusel.

See? I can make healthy eats too. Just don’t eat half a dozen. Like I can.

Happy Pumpkin-ing!

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